We are a design and build fine woodworking company based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in ????, Mark Newman Design in Wood has worked in every neighborhood in Portland and our work has been shipped as far away as Atlanta.

We build the highest quality woodwork that lasts for generations

Mark Newman

Sustainability is important to us. Our definition of sustainability is something that lasts forever, and never needs to be replaced. We build the highest quality woodwork that lasts for generations.  

Our studio, in SE Portland is where we design and build your project. When you walk in, the smell of freshly cut woods fills the air. The walls are covered with wood samples, drawings, and photographs. One wall is covered with mysterious jigs and patterns from countless projects over the years. 


The work we do is based on craftsmanship. We have  five-thousand square feet of machinery, tools, benches, and people making beautiful things. A tool is just a tool; it’s what you do with it that counts.

At Mark Newman Design in Wood, we are passionate about making things we are proud of.