Our Story

The work we do is based on craftsmanship. We have a five-thousand square feet of machinery, tools, benches, and people making beautiful things.   At Mark Newman Design in Wood, we are passionate about making things we are proud of. 

The Pinwheel Tables

This table, shown here in oak with a white finish, was a result of a design collaboration between Mark Newman and architect Jeff Lamb.  It is based on the pinwheel motif (a term first applied to architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright).

As you scroll thought the photos you will see what started as a coffee table… but we ended up calling it the wine table because the black cube unfolds to reveal your favorite vino and just the right amount of stemware for a romantic gathering.

Mark Newman

I have always loved making things. My creative process has many facets. Sometimes it begins with a vision, and sometimes it begins with the search for a solution to a clients need.  The process ends with materials that have been carefully worked, shaped, and polished into something beautiful.

Design in Wood

We are a design and build fine woodworking company based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1996, Mark Newman Design in Wood has worked in every neighborhood in Portland and our work has been shipped as far away as Atlanta.  Sustainability is important to us. Our definition of sustainability is something that lasts forever, and never needs to be replaced.

We build the highest quality woodwork that lasts for generations.   Our studio, in SE Portland is where we design and build your project. When you walk in, the smell of freshly cut woods fills the air.

At Mark Newman Design in Wood, we are passionate about making things we are proud of.